Quality Improvement

Community Forums

After several cancellations due to inclement weather, OPC concluded its first round of community forums on May 6 th . The forums were held in Siler City , Chapel Hill , Pittsboro, Roxboro and Hillsborough and provided consumers and the community at large with a chance to give feedback about OPC's services and the State's new child mental health plan. Turnout for the forums ranged from a low of two in Chapel Hill to a record high of 40 in Roxboro.

Although attendance was light at most of the forums, we did receive some very insightful comments and recommendations from participants. After each forum the comments were summarized and presented to OPC's Management Team, the Area Quality Improvement Committee and the Consumer and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC). Discussions are underway regarding the possibility of implementing some of the recommendations, and updates about our progress will be posted at this site.

Future Plans

Because of the light turnout, OPC has decided to restructure the forum process. Beginning in the Fall of 2004, OPC will begin holding focus groups to which consumers and other community partners will be invited to attend. Although the focus groups will continue to be open to the public, the use of invitations will ensure that there are sufficient numbers and adequate representation of all disabilities. The discussion will be structured, and participants will be asked to respond to a list of questions designed to elicit feedback on specific subjects.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming focus group in your area, please contact Lynne Hamlet, Client Rights Coordinator, at 919-913-4079

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