OPC Area Program
Online Application for Employment

  • Please answer all questions and complete all sections of the Application Form. Fill in complete information on your education and work history. "See Resume" is not acceptable.
    • Indicate, in the spaces provided, the specific position(s) for which you are applying. You may use this application to apply for up to three (3) positions at once.
    • List work experience by position held, not place of employment. Separately describe each position and its duties. Be certain to include dates of employment and hours per week worked if employment was part-time. For mental health positions, describe the population you served, if applicable.
  • OPC employs only U.S. citizens or aliens who can provide proof of identity and work authorization within three (3) working days of employment.
  • Employment is contingent upon acceptability of criminal record check, drug test, education verification, motor vehicle record, North Carolina health care registry check and verification of professional license, if applicable.
  • OPC employees are paid via direct deposit of their paycheck, every other Friday, into a financial institution of the employee's choice.

    Please note: Positions that require administration of First Aid or personal care duties will be required to obtain a pre-employmnet physical examination as well as annual physical examinations. OPC pays for physical examinations at our contract provider, or up to $80 if the examination is obtained elsewhere.

Thank you for your interest in OPC. Although everyone who applies cannot be hired, your application will be given every consideration. Please contact us if you are interested in subsequent vacancies, and we will re-activate your application at any time for positions in which you are interested. Information about current vacancies may be obtained by visiting our Employment Opportunities Page.


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OPC is a local government agency established to provide mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities services in Orange, Person, and Chatham counties.